Group guidelines

In order to remain focused on our community's goals, please refrain from the following in your posts

  • Offering or asking for unpaid work

  • Advertising your services to the group 

  • Asking technical questions that could be searched 

  • Promoting individual podcast episodes

  • Posting about non-audio related topics 

Work callout guidelines

Please follow the below guidelines when posting a work callout

  • Include who you are, who you work for, and what the project is

  • Try and be clear about roles and responsibilities

  • State how much the role will pay

  • Outline the estimated time commitments and scope of the project

  • Follow the UK Equality Act legislation — do not attempt to recruit based on identity

How to join

You can apply to join the UK Audio Network via the button below which will redirect you to our Google Group.

Please include a short bio and a few words about why you would like to join.

We also require that every prospective applicant read the Group and Work callout guidelines above and confirm they agree to abide by them by including the following in their message: I have read and agree to abide by the UKAN Group and Work callout guidelines.
Applications that do not contain the above information will not be accepted.


Please write to is if you have questions, would like to get involved, or have feedback on the group or website.

Thanks! Message sent.

How to connect

3. ​Compose your message and post it using the red 'POST' button
We send out work opportunities and other correspondence via a group email address.
When joining UKAN, you’re added to our Google Group, which forwards all messages directly to your inbox. You can set your email preferences in the Google Group to receive messages instantly, opt for periodic summaries, or access messages via our online forum rather than by email.


Members can post to the group in two ways:

  • Write a post in the group forum
1. Access the group forum by clicking here​
2. Click on the red 'NEW TOPIC' button on the top left corner