What is the UK Audio Network?

The UK Audio Network (UKAN) is a growing community of audio producers, commissioners and creators, distributing work opportunities via a shared email list. Our aim is to link commissioners to talent and give all those working in audio an equal chance to pitch for work.


The group is open to anyone working with audio, including (but not limited to) commissioners, producers, editors, researchers, sound designers, and composers. Whether you work freelance, or as part of an organisation, you are welcome and valued in this community.​​


So — if you are looking to staff a project, promote an audio event or competition, or get advice on the business and ethics of audio work, the UK Audio Network is the place to post.

Aims and values

As a community, we facilitate and encourage open dialogue, knowledge exchange, collaboration and transparency, with a hope to support the industry’s growth and wider access to opportunities for all.


Our group connects producers of audio content to organisations and individual commissioners. The more our members participate in the group, the stronger the group becomes for all.

We support the idea of 'paying it forward', by which we mean donating to as well as receiving  from the group. Examples might include:


  • Sharing opportunities that might benefit others in the group

  • Contributing to our shared resources

  • Joining conversations, and spreading word about the group

  • Encouraging commissioners and gatekeepers to post open callouts


We come together at regional meetups. These events are a great opportunity to meet peers, share ideas, discuss projects and the wider audio industry in a relaxed atmosphere.

We encourage members in all regions to propose and organise meetups via the email list.

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