Do I need to include the rate in a job posting?

Yes — if you are posting an opportunity offered by yourself, or on behalf of an organisation you work for, you must post either the job rate/salary, or a compensation range. If you are not the hiring manager please seek to find out the relevant compensation information prior to posting.

Can I post volunteer opportunities?

No, UKAN job callouts are strictly limited to paid opportunities.

Can I post audio opportunities I have seen elsewhere but am not connected to personally?

Yes, most definitely — contributions to the community like this are highly encouraged. It is acceptable in this case not to include the rate/salary if the original post does not include it.

I disagree with something someone wrote, what should I do?

UKAN is an overwhelmingly supportive, good-natured community, built upon common values. However there are times we may disagree with each other, or not appreciate how something was expressed. It is essential in these instances we challenge each other in a respectful and constructive manner. It is not acceptable to insult other members through UKAN or to email them abuse outside of the group.

How do I reply to an author's post so everyone in the group see it?

Click the double arrows at the top right of the authors post to reply to all members.

How to I reply just to the post's author?

To reply privately to the author clip on the three dots in the top-right corner of the the message and select 'Reply to author'.

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How do I add someone to the group?

Prospective members can apply to join UKAN via the Join page after reading and agreeing to the Group Guidelines.

Alternatively current members can directly add people to the group once the prospective member has read and agreed to abide by the Group Guidelines. To add a member directly sign into Google Groups, click on the three dots to the right of your UKAN settings, and select 'Add members'.


How do I change the frequency of the emails?

Sign into Google Groups, click the down arrow in the subscription column for UKAN and select your preferred email frequency:

  • Each email — Messages sent individually as they're posted to the group

  • Digest — Up to 25 complete messages combined into single emails and sent daily

  • Abridged — Summaries of up to 150 messages combines into single emails and sent daily

  • No email — Messages from the group are not sent






I want to change the address I receive the emails — how do I do it?

Add your new email to the group using the instructions above in the 'How do I add someone to the group?' section. Next, use the instructions below regarding leaving the group to remove your old email.

You can also change the email frequency to 'No email' if you wish to stay a member with both emails but not receive duplicate UKAN emails. This can be useful if you are signed up with a work and personal address. You may wish to post callouts with the work email, but receive the majority of emails to a personal email. 


How do I leave the group?

Sign into Google Groups, click on the three dots to the right of your UKAN settings, and select 'Leave group'.









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