What are the shared resources?

We work as a community to produce a range of resources for the benefit of all members. 


Resources are created, uploaded, and edited by members. The plurality of our skills and interests is one of our great strengths.

Producers can access tutorials (including for tape syncs), recommendations, and templates for budgets, contracts, rates, and more​.

Commissioners can search the group database to find individuals whose specific skill set matches their need.

How to access shared resources

Alternatively, existing UKAN members can click here for direct access

All members have access to our resources via the link in the welcome message at the top of the group.

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Google Drive users can find the UKAN resources in their 'Shared with me' section, and add it to their Drive if they choose.


In 2018, we conducted a survey of UK-based Audio Producer's rates following a discussion about pay in our sector. 


The data below shows averages of Audio Producer day rates, from a sample size of 215 Producers based in the UK. This table is not intended as a fixed rates card, rather, the start of a transparent conversation about pay and average day rates. 

Thanks to Eleanor McDowall and Heidi Pett for compiling the rate table.

NB. 'Branded' is loosely defined as audio where part of the purpose is to promote a brand / commercial product. Click the table for a larger image.

UKAN rates - 2018 revised.png

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